A t-shirt dress from Lanvin + H&M

Whenever H&M or Uniqlo had a collaboration for a new collection, my friend(s) and I would get up early and wait outside of the store, hours earlier its opening. What is it about a designer that you love that pulls you into purchasing such an item that isn't a classic and you won't really wear it all the time. For example, this t-shirt dress that's been embellished with prints, grosgrain ribbon, tulle and beads/sequins. It was a gift from that friend whom I would meet up and wait on line to have access to one of these goods. I have yet to officially wear this white t-shirt dress anywhere. I have worn it once at home to try on but never the world will see this on me. H&M or Uniqlo will have many other collaborations in the future but I no longer will wait in line...however, I am curious to see the Lemaire X Uniqlo launch tomorrow...

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