Bunnies in Hermes Resort 2019

From Vogue.com Fashion show picture.


A pair of beauties

Pencil, brush pen, markers and gouache paint.


A couple

Recent commission work for a newly engaged couple Noah+Mary Ann. Congratulations!


Jumpsuit or as I used to wear in shop was called the overalls.

It was white and mostly made of polyester blended with cotton. It swam over my youthful then body. Wish I had saved it to alter and paint over it to be worn as an every day casual wear. However, my love has "surprised" me with the Madewell1937 blush version. Looking forward to it ending the summer with this new addition to my "needs cleaning" -closet.https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/OVERALLSJUMPSUITS/PRD~G2039/G2039.jsp?Nbrd=M&Nloc=en_US&Nrpp=48&Npge=1&Ntrm=jumpsuit&isSaleItem=false&color_name=WEATHERED%20PINK&isFromSearch=true&isNewSearch=true&hash=row0


i n k s k E tch of m ys elf 2 0 1 7

It's only 06.01.2017 and I'm looking forward to t-shirts without a jacket and shorts. 


Mother & Daughter

...wish I had saved the photo from where I drew this...I made it a lot simpler.


Ms. Boyd's style

...had fun doodling Haley Boyd's daily looks of http://www.maraisusa.com/collections/our-products .
Love her shoe collection made in LA, USA. I have my eyes on the Jardin heels and the flat slides.



I don't have any fancy hiking gear but I love it. I don't do it enough living in the Bay area where hiking trails are abundant. One of my recent hikes locally was at Sweeney Ridge Park. My bf and I hiked to the Nike Missile Control Site where you will have beautiful views if it's a clear day. 


rare moments when i use a computer to sketch...i still love my paper, pencil and eraser tho.


A t-shirt dress from Lanvin + H&M

Whenever H&M or Uniqlo had a collaboration for a new collection, my friend(s) and I would get up early and wait outside of the store, hours earlier its opening. What is it about a designer that you love that pulls you into purchasing such an item that isn't a classic and you won't really wear it all the time. For example, this t-shirt dress that's been embellished with prints, grosgrain ribbon, tulle and beads/sequins. It was a gift from that friend whom I would meet up and wait on line to have access to one of these goods. I have yet to officially wear this white t-shirt dress anywhere. I have worn it once at home to try on but never the world will see this on me. H&M or Uniqlo will have many other collaborations in the future but I no longer will wait in line...however, I am curious to see the Lemaire X Uniqlo launch tomorrow...


Asymmetric Linen vest

I have not worn this vest out yet to any event, not that there has been many outings happening in my life out in Northern California..! I lived in NYC for 25 years with great jobs, surrounded by the many interesting people I have met, befriended and my family so close. Even a day without work meant there was a new "adventure" ahead of me with a swipe of a metro card. I would start a free day like that with a trip to the Met and visit my favorite collections, perhaps sit on the steps in front of the museum, slowly start my walk downtown. I wouldn't have a set destination but the walk down would excite my imagination, mind and entice my senses. I loved stopping by Lady M cakes or the Laduree Uptown for a small treat. Central park was another favorite spot of mine in the city as I am sure is to millions of others who live in NYC. I especially loved the park in the winter, snow crunching under my boots with a hot cocoa in my gloved hand. Calling up a friend for a drink after work or meal was easier done there than here where I am now. 


An illustration of GaryPepperGirl

My illustrations are far from perfect, very far from what I want as my "style" permanently but I can keep practicing as someone I admire had advised me once. 


"Selfie" on a Friday

Gap turtle neck in "kitchen sink yarns", H&M boyfriend jeans and Andy Wolf glasses


Rabbit in coat

Hand painted in Sumi Ink on Watercolor paper. Available on www.Etsty.com/stripedshop

past works

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